Priority Applicants:

Fifth grade students attending partner schools in our Priority Service Districts are first recommended by their principal, counselor or 5th grade teacher, and are invited to attend an information session.

Students and their parent/primary caregivers are expected to complete a New Student Application found below. It is important that the student carefully and thoughtfully complete their portions of the application. Well-meaning parents are encouraged to support their effort in putting together a thoughtful application and are requested to limit their work to the parent sections only.

A Student Nomination Form from their primary teacher, principal or counselor supplements the student application. Both documents are required to be considered for admission. THE MOST RECENT GRADE REPORT MUST ALSO BE SUBMITTED.

Submission of applications may be coordinated by the liaison at the student’s school or submitted independently, the decision of which is determined by the school. Applications are typically due before Spring Break commences each year.

Secondary Priority Applicants:

Students who qualify as Secondary Priority applicants follow the same requirements as described above, except there is no information session held at their school and they must submit their complete applications independently. All applications from this group of candidates are considered as they are received. Those students who meet eligibility requirements and whose complete application is received before April will receive consideration for acceptance to the program. It should also be noted that students in this category must either be able to utilize our existing transportation locations (2015-2016 Bus Stops) or make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the program each day.

            • Timeline and DocumentsLate Fall – Aim High meets with principals and counselors from partner schools
            • January/February – Student recruitment begins
            • FIRST ROUND DEADLINE: March 31st
            • FINAL DEADLINE: April 12th
            • Mid April – Letters of Acceptance and Bus Schedules mailed to families
            • Early May – New Family Orientation Brunch/Lunch
            • End of May – All Aim High Picnic in Tower Grove Park

Second Priority students are encouraged to submit their complete application packages as early as possible in the winter of the program year. Applications are typically available as early as February and applications are considered in the order received.

Qualified students whose applications are received after admissions decisions have been made (typically early-mid April each year) will be placed on a waiting list. Aim High will admit students on the waiting list as spaces become available and until the second Monday of the Summer program. Wait listed First Priority students will be admitted before Second Priority students.

Important documents:

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